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Due to popular demand I have decided to offer Archos 605 battery replacement for those of you who are not comfortable with opening your device or soldering. You can send your Archos to me and I will replace the battery and return your device back to you. You will need to fill in this form, print it out and send it to me together with you Archos. Full details of how this works, how to pay, charges and terms of use are in the form. Please see FAQs below for additional information.

International parcels

Please read this carefully if you are sending your Archos from outside Europe, otherwise your parcel may be delayed by customs or subject to customs duty.
1. You should attach exactly ONE customs declaration notice CN22 or Green Label (USPS form 2976 or similar) to international parcels stating the item is a 'Gift' and containing a 'MP3 player' or 'Computer parts' of value not exceeding £35 ($55 USD, €45 EUR). Usually your local post office will provide you with the correct label for your country. Only one customs label should be visible on your package, do not attach multiple labels as it can confuse automated sorting machines used at parcel depots.
2. The weight of a packed Archos is around 500gms or 1.2 pounds.
3. Please use a tracked or insured service if available at your end.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are your charges?
The charge for battery replacement is £30. If you need me to provide the new battery it will cost an additional £20. There is a £15 shipping charge (worldwide, insured) for returning the device to you in the post. So the maximum you will pay is £65 GBP ($100 USD, €85 EUR) and the minimum is £45 GBP ($71 USD, €58 EUR).

Do you accept payment in cash?
If you have a UK bank account and are making payment in GBP please pay by cheque/bank transfer. For payment in foreign currencies please use PayPal. Sending cash in uninsured post is not advisable.

What capacity battery do you supply?
The battery is 2500mAh, 3.7 Volts.

Can I drop the device to you in person?
I would really like to receive the device in post as it is easier to track. However you may drop the device in person in certain cases, but please contact me first and confirm the date/time so I can ensure someone is around (if not me) who can collect the device from you. You should still correctly package and address your device.

Can I collect my device from you in person once it is fixed?
No. The device will always be returned to you in the post.

I don't have a printer, can you post the form to me?
Please contact me with your request, name and postal address and I will send you a paper copy of the form.

  • 1. The form is in PDF format and can be viewed using the free Adobe Reader software.


  1. by Derek Ball (not verified)

    Excellent service and communications. I have received my Archos back and repaired before Archos can give me a RMA number!

    Item was well packed for the return and there are no cosmetic blemishes. Why would anybody use the Archos service?

    Already recommended service to work colleagues. Do you only do this service on Archos products? A colleague has the same problem on a Mustek device.

    1. by Ali (not verified)

      Thanks for your feedback Derek. I'm afraid at the moment I am only servicing the Archos 605 device.

  2. by Paul Smith (not verified)

    A great service, very clear communication about everything. Speedy turnaround. Recommend this service as its not worth the hassle to do it yourself!

  3. by Anonymous (not verified)

    Fantastic service. Archos returned as good as new and within the week. Very Happy.

  4. by Bob Simpson (not verified)

    Thanks very much for a smooth transaction.

    Highly recommend any Archos user requiring a battery change to use this affordable, efficient service.

    Thanks again

    Bob Simpson

  5. by Andrew Simmons (not verified)

    Well I know that the year is yet young, but still this was a great service. My precious Archos had died (the dreaded battery failure) and I was going to fix it. Bought the battery, soldering iron hot etc. I was going to use the guide on the website, but then I saw this offer and jumped at it. The Archos was duly bundled up and sent away and came back a few days later repaired. Many thanks to you! I would recommend this to anyone. If you are going to repair it yourself, then take the back off, have a look, and then send it to Huestones.

  6. by Roy Leyland (not verified)

    Very many thanks to you Ali.

    Just got Arky back within a week of sending it to you,all seems good to go etc etc.
    Could not have been easier , Archos, sit up and learn .... customer is King and it is fine selling a product , but with the attitude of selling and forgetting your customer is foolish........... well done Dr. Ali and his team... keep up the good work.

    Roy Leyland

    Ali does what it says on the tin and thats how it should be.

  7. by Mr Holder from ... (not verified)

    This is a great service! Speedy and efficient would recommend to it anyone.

  8. by Rob (not verified)

    I stumbled across this website while desperately trying to find a decent solution to my broken archos.
    Had great email dialogue with Ali, and with nothing to loose sent away my archos.
    With in days my archos was on its way back to me, fixed, and all for a very very reasonable price.

    Great to see a website that just does as it says....
    quick, cheap, and fantastic service,


  9. by Robert (not verified)

    Have to agree with every one of the previous comments. Ali provides an excellent service. Had been without my 605 for almost a year due to flat battery. Archos themselves were no help as there was no guarantee you would get your own unit back. With Ali's service I sent my unit off and got it back with new battery installed within 6 days (including weekend), and all for a price of less than half what Archos would charge.
    Only problem I have noticed is that there is no green light when unit is switched on.
    Only a small gripe, but overall an excellent service provided by somebody who keeps you informed every step of the way. Well Done!! and Thanks.

  10. by Allen (not verified)

    Excellent service, highly recommended :D

  11. by Andrew (not verified)

    I'm in total agreement with everyone else that's posted. Ali provides an excellent service and keeps you informed every step of the way.

    I would recommend this service to everyone that has an Archos with a battery problem.

  12. by M.Rogers (not verified)

    Excellent prompt service.
    Archos works perfectly (I thought for a moment that there was a problem with the wi-fi connection but it was BT Broadband service which was faulty).

    Would certainly recommend your service to others.

  13. by Bill Harding (not verified)

    Came across this site by chance - like others.

    Fantastic service.

    Battery replaced and Archos 605 came back working perfectly.

    Well done Ali.

  14. by Sue (not verified)

    Excellent prompt service, can highly recommend, battery had been dead for ages could only use it on it's dock, which rather defeats the object of it being a portable player. Came across this site when I googled 'Archos battery replacement', sent off my Archos and had it back within a few days, it works perfectly, great affordable service. Thanks

  15. by Mark Clements (not verified)

    My Archos 605 had been dead for months, when I came across this wonderful service. I sent it off in good faith and in just over a week, received it back in working order!

    Admittedly, the Charge LED won't light, but the site warns of such a consequence and if that's the trade-off, I'm more than happy.

    A brilliant job Ali. I'm really thankful. I wish Archos themselves were this quick and responsive.

  16. by Mick (not verified)

    My 4 year old archos had given up due to poor battery and I
    was desperate to get it replaced, I am quite technical but when i took the back off I decided it was a bit risky to do this myself. i found this web site and contacted Ali to ask if he could do it. He assured me it would be ok and I sent it through. Ali contacted me once it arrived and updated me throughout. The service was great all through the process. I have sent this comment from my archos thanks to Ali

  17. by Christopher Bar... (not verified)

    Ali successfully replaced the battery in my Archos several years ago. He has now done the same with my wife's one. Despite the advance of technology, we would not be without ours. Ali performs an excellent service and I would highly recommend him to others who, like us, don't yet want to give up their Archos.