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This is the fourth part in the science fiction series The Terminator which depicts ongoing war between humans and machines. This fourth part is set in 2018 and follows on from the third part which ended with the artificial intelligence network Skynet becoming self-aware and taking over human computer systems.

Unlike earlier terminator movies based on time travel and advanced robots from the future, you don’t get to see any advanced super robot. Earth is depicted more as a battle ground between humans and terminator robots that are actually more primitive than ones seen before. This is because the ones seen before were from a future which is yet to happen. The trailer is well constructed though to convince you to pay for the ticket and go to the cinema.

John Connors character has evolved considerably (much faster than the Terminators) and instead of being a sex seeking, drug addicted meek sort he has become a soldier revered like Jesus by his comrades. His partner Kate has also become younger, though she still retains her profession as a doctor. One thing that hasn’t changed though is that he continues to be extremely lucky and always escapes being terminated, as most terminators that do catch him usually prefer a boxing match rather than simply wringing his neck or using a gun to kill him. He also continues to be mamas boy.

Throughout the movie a number of people are helplessly fighting a computer network program using guns, when they could have just hired a couple of bad programmers to jam the thing up; and it would work because this movie makes it bloody clear that Skynet isn’t that clever, considering it keeps its victims (the new kid Kyle Reese for example) alive for as long as they can escape! It is all just too fictitious to be believably real. Then on top of that this action movie tries to be philosophical seeking answers to questions like “What does it mean to be human?” revolving around the confused cyborg Marcus. It all makes you squirm in your seat with great discomfort.

What is worse is the story ends giving a short glimpse of the terminator from the first movie, yeah the Arnold Schwarzenegger one, leaving a big open gap for another sequel. Its way too unbelievable and whatever is believable is way too predictable. Finally it all amounts to nothing, just another attempt at killing John Connor. I personally think the fans were much better without this crap sequel. Don’t bother spending money to watch this, it’s not worth it.