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In the recent CEATEC Japan 2009 exhibition Sony presented a conceptual prototype of the future VAIO laptop that would use the flexible OLED technology or FOLED. While these may look and sound fairly futuristic, FOLEDs could become common in mainstream electronic devices of the future.

OLEDs which are made from organic compounds are capable of displaying more rich and vibrant colours compared to ordinary LEDs and plus are far thinner. They do not require backlighting and naturally achieve higher contrast ratios so electronic devices using them would consume a fraction of the power of their present counterparts.

Interestingly OLEDs are fairly cheap to produce and can even be printed onto a suitable substrate using an inkjet printer! And one option is to use a flexible substrate layer giving viola a flexible OLED or FOLED. The cheap to produce and flexible idea has caught the attention of the display industry and the major players like Sony and Samsung are now aggressively pushing this technology forward. Sony has even released a walkman player featuring an OLED display, and from the great reviews this player has received the OLED seems to be popular already.

But for now you can admire the beauty of this prototype VAIO laptop and long for the day you will be able to roll your laptop up and tuck it into your purse.