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This movie is in my must watch list. It is an Italian movie directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. The drama set in 1940 during World War II just as Italy enters the war.

It seems that The God Father and clones have given 'don oriented' Italian films very good fame, however here we can see Italian cinema based on a completely different theme. The movie, like all other popular Italian films, seems to convey a deeper truth and the viewer is left attached to the characters in the film towards the end.

Before I go on here is a very good fan trailer:

The movie advertisements seem to have done a very bad job of trying to portray the film as an explicitly sexual one. While the story of the movie is based on sexual attraction, it is not a porn film as the posters would have you believe. Rather it is a very subtle but deeply thought provoking film about what men see but more importantly do not see about a woman.

It seems that Giuseppe Sulfaro who plays the role of a young lad Renato Amoroso starts off like all other boys, however the course of his life leads him to a revelation far deeper than his colleagues. His devotion towards the woman he likes leads him to a far greater and humane truth very early in life and eventually he sums up his feelings beautifully "Of all the girls who asked me if I remember them, the only one I remembered is the one who did not ask."

All the key performers in the movie have done a fascinating job and hardly ever does the viewer feel he is watching a movie. It all seems real, put together by an excellent director. If you are thinking of watching a film, grab this DVD. You won't regret it.