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Datamancer's Steampunk LaptopSteampunk is a form of art where modern day objects are transformed to look like 19th century steam powered devices. An example is this laptop complete with its power-on key. Rich Nagy the creator of this beast sums up his passion for tinkering with technology "[Computer technology] was robbed of the fleeting, wonderful period right after invention, where it is celebrated and honoured by the finest craftsman, artists and creative minds and given a structure befitting its potential and greatness."

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Steampunks like Nagy transform working modern day technology in working Victorian art pieces. They like tinkering with technology and take to to the next level. In their parallel world of steam engines, strange and bizarre objects come to life and modern technology becomes antique.

Like this IBM ergonomic keyboard

...or imagine digging up this relic "Eye Pod" by Dr Grymm which uses a rotating glass eye to control an iPod nano.
Eye Pod

While you may not be able to buy the laptop featured on this page off the shelf, the copper coloured 13.3" Intel Core2 Duo DV3-2230ea from HP is the closest you can get to a laptop that stands out from the crowd.