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If Disney's Tarzan were made in modern times it would be Avatar. Its director James Cameron has put in a lot of creativity into this film and designed a world you would want to go to.

With Avatar, James Cameron has done the job brilliantly and has actually produced a movie worth watching, which otherwise would have simply become a series of special-effects and an experiment with 3D stereoscopic movie shooting.

If you haven't seen the trailer yet, you should see it. It will get you all excited about the movie and give you a brief of the movie storyline.

The trailer does not do a great job because to the less enthusiastic cinema fan it appears that the entire story has already been told and what else is there to watch, except for the special effects? This perception however is far from the truth, the trailer does not cover the main aspects of the drama that unfolds in Avatar. Yes that's what James Cameron has achieved. He has put in enough of a plot and storyline that the movie will actually tug your heart strings, just like he did with Titanic (1997), which would have otherwise become a movie about a big sinking ship.

The movie is long with a running time of 2 hours 40 minutes, but the story and its characters will pull you in and you will stay immersed in the action not noticing how time has gone by.

The other interesting bit is how James Cameron has taken inspiration and visual details from various computer games, like Halo for the helicopters and Myst Revelation for the tropical rainforest environment and some of its creatures. This might be a side effect of Ubisoft being involved in the Avatar game design, because Ubisoft was also the publisher for Myst Revelation and apparently their animators had the models and textures ready to adapt to Avatars forest.

James Cameron has also taken every opportunity to criticize the Iraq war, within dialogues like "This is how it is done, when people are sitting on shit you want, you make them your enemy and justify attacking them" and use of terms like Shock and Awe.

Personally I think the movie is brilliant. Watch it