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Alice is returning to Wonderland in Tim Burtons 2010 movie. Nuts, I wonder if you'd join her in her trip down the rabbit hole?

I'll start by saying that the computer graphics and live action portrayed in the film is very realistic. This is however now becoming common and Avatar has beaten all previous records for this. The actors have played their roles well including Jonny Depp on whose back hat the film seems to be riding and of course Alice, the big little girl.

The trailer is very inviting and promises too much.

The movie it turns out is a little unexpected, the characters are familiar to anyone who has read the book. Wonderland looks promising but isn't quite there. Its a bit dark and desolate.

Remember here that Alice is returning to Wonderland. Which means all the characters in Wonderland already know who Alice is. The greatest failure is the story and though it generously borrows characters and scenes from Lewis Carroll's tale of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, it fails miserably in making a new tale that will excite children and adults alike. Alice is already foretold what she must do and she eventually does it, with a bit of coaxing, philosophy and assurance from her Wonderland friends. Thats it, thats the story, there now I have told you and spoiled all the fun, but even if I hadn't you'd have to be mad as the Hatter to not work that out in the first 15 mins into the movie.

The story relies too much on the strength of the Lewis Carroll's original characters and Jonny Depps charisma to pull itself through. But these strengths too are not enough to carry it all the way across the 1hour 49 minutes running time. Plonk goes the story somewhere in the middle. And don't ask me what Alice does when she pops out of the hole eventually. That bit just is ridiculous.