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Directed by Luis Madoki this movie is based on a true story detailing events in the life of a 11 year old boy during civil war that gripped El Salvador in the 80s.

The movie has a fairly straightforward storyline. The story is told from the 11 year olds perspective as he witnesses the suffering of the people around him and fears compulsory army recruitment when he turns 12. The are no catches, no suspense. The story has an autobiographical tone. However it seems to present the plain truth and does this wonderfully well.

The film is based on the childhood experiences of its screenwriter, Oscar Torres. The direction is superb and the actors have played their parts extremely well. It fact it feels like a documentary where the events were recorded as they happened.

It has a wonderful love poem "I have reasons to look for you" and a brilliant speech given by the local priest where he discusses the concept of grace and concludes "Brothers it is time to raise our voices... to defend our right to live... today it is not enough to pray."

Unfortunately the film does not have much family or group watch appeal but it is a very good film to watch on a rainy Saturday.