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Based on Khaled Hosseinis 2003 novel of the same name this is a touching story about two friends who are the best team at kite fighting in Kabul, Afghanistan. However tensions develop between them and cause them to eventually split, until much later when one of them decides to return to Kabul to find his friends son.

The movie directed by Marc Forster has a very authentic look. The characters all fit their roles very well and the novels thought provoking touch is brought out wonderfully well. The movie does not compromise the novels story though it does shorten it in some places.

Overall a must watch and will easily drive the emotionally sensitive to tears. It has all elements that form a great story -- friendship, excitement, loss and bravery. It presents the viewer with two intertwined stories, the narrators story where his search for redemption leads him back to his home country and his friend Hassans story whose has an uncanny ability to see the simple truths in life and battles to protect them.

The movie has some great dialogs between friends and many thought provoking statements can be found throughout the tale. Eventually the narrator reflects Hassans unique gift as he explains to Hassans son -- "Do you know, your father was the best kite runner in Kabul. No one knew your father like I did. He was not chasing the kites shadow unlike what people believed. He just knew (where the kite would go). Thats all.", realizing at the same time that Hassan always knew where the narrator would go, though the narrator had very less faith in his own abilities.

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