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Here I discuss the step by step process to dismantle an Archos 605 80GB media player. This guide will also help anyone who wishes to replace the battery or screen.

This is the Archos unit I will dismantle. It is a fully functional unit.

Archos 605

Some points to note before we begin:

  1. Opening the unit will void any warranty.
  2. Putting the unit back together is harder than taking it apart.
  3. Working at a steady pace, it takes about 1 hour 15 mins to take it apart and a little more than that to put it back together.
  4. Unless you have done it before, it is best to put it back together immediately after taking it apart, lest you forget where the bits go.
  5. The HDD size is tied to the Archos firmware. You may be able to replace your HDD with an identical sized disk. You also try to hack the firmware to disable the HDD serial number checks.
  6. This guide is for the Archos 605 series player with 40GB, 80GB, 120GB and 160GB capacities. Other models and capacities have different assembly.
  7. If you intend to replace batteries understand that Lithium-ion batteries contain Lithium which will catch fire if exposed to water or moisture in air or temperatures above 60° C. Do not attempt to bend or puncture the battery. White fumes produced by an exploding battery are dangerous and a fire-extinguisher should be used to extinguish the fire, not water!

Tools you will need

Draper Screwdriver Set

  1. A Philips screwdriver of smallest size.
  2. A hex (or allen) screwdriver of smallest size, to remove the hard drive.
  3. If you want to replace the battery you will need to de-solder it and solder in a new one. So don't attempt battery replacement unless you know electronic soldering.
  4. A quite room where you can work without distractions (no children or pets). Put on some music, it will help.
  5. The unit has very small parts and screws about 2mm long, so make sure you are wearing glasses if you need them.


  1. by DarkShine (not verified)

    I am a soldering noob. I have never done any of that in my life. I have taken apart computers and put them back together but that's it. I love your guide but I don't think I could replace my own battery. Would you or someone you know happen to be able to do it for me? I can buy the parts and pay you for your services. I can mail you the stuff and pay for shipping both ways. Thank you so much!

    1. by Ali (not verified)

      Yes I do provide a battery replacement service now. Please see details here. Thanks.

  2. by Paul G (not verified)

    I had purchased a battery for an Archos 80Gb unit thinking it would be the same as for the 160Gb unit. Well, it doesn't fit as it's about 1cm too long in one direction and the ribbon connector going over the battery lands on the battery instead of its socket. The battery I have here is a CS-AV605SL. I contacted the folks from which I had purchased the battery saying I needed a battery for the 160Gb unit to which they replied they don't have it. Can anyone tell me which model battery is needed and direct me to a supplier that provides the appropriate battery?


    Paul G.

    1. by Ali (not verified)

      Paul, there is a slight size difference in the model batteries for the 605WiFi. The 4GB and 30GB model have a longer rectangular battery and the rest have a shorter squarish one. The shorter battery intended for models greater than 30GB will also fit the 4GB and 30GB models. You seem to have purchased the longer 4GB battery, which wont fit your model as it is too large. Most sellers don't know if the battery will fit and which is which. Also usually batteries of capacity more than 2500mAh don't fit. You can always order the correct battery here.

  3. by Lee (not verified)

    Hi, my 20gb hard drive is fried, will a larger drive fit my unit?

    1. by Ali (not verified)

      Hi Lee, you may be able to replace your HDD with an identical sized disk. I haven't tried any of this yet.

  4. by ian (not verified)

    Recently My wife absentmindedly placed the archos 605 160gb model by a set of speakers, now when I turn it on it shows the archos screen and that's it. It sounds like the reader just keeps clicking looking for an operating system. without taking the archos apart is the a way to reinstall the firmware
    P.S. even when I connect it to my pc it still makes those sounds and won't register as a device
    THX Ian

    1. by Ali (not verified)

      Please see this post for instructions.

      Since the post requires your Archos to be detected by PC and you say that is not happening, the only other alternative is to extract the HDD and connect it directly to PC using a USB caddy and copy the files over.

  5. by Michael (not verified)

    Does anyone have their old Archos battery to measure?

    There are a lot of sellers that *claim* that their battery fits a 80GB 605 Wifi, and a lot of buyers that bought a new battery and it's too big.

    1. by Claire (not verified)

      7.5 cm x 6.5 cm + 4mm soft flap x 5mm thick. The ordered replacement battery was slightly smaller, allowing to fit the soldered wires with tape more easily.

  6. by Serge (not verified)

    Thank you so much for that nice review. After 2 years my battery died and I've been able to replace the battery with your help.

  7. by Claire (not verified)

    Thanks very much for this guide!
    Quite a handy female, but never soldered or opened a small device before (computers yes, but is not the same)
    Didn't understand the cable splicers stuff (even bought some in case, but thought it would be too large to fit, so I decided to solder anyway.
    Watched a few youtube 101 wire soldering (I wouldn't have thought of joining them side by side , instead of head to head for instance) and went for it. Taped it up.
    And the unit is still working!
    No screws left (though I did forget some on the way back, and had to reopen the screen) and perfectly functional.
    No more dark screen with flickering lines!
    So thanks very much, wouldn't have started this without the guide.

  8. by jason (not verified)

    Has anyone replaced the hard drive with a solid state drive? To help reduce power consumption? What size drive is this 2.5 or 1.8?

    Do you foresee any problem with this idea and the firmware serial number hack?

    1. by Ali (not verified)

      The higher capacity units (>30GB) all use 2.5" laptop type PATA (IDE connector) hard drives. I haven't tried the replacement you suggest.

  9. by davey (not verified)

    Well done this is perfect.
    I knew I needed a new battery. I also knew where to get a reliable and probably better than standard one for £13. All I needed was a "how to" because although I have a reasonable amount of experience with these things you never know if there is a hidden problem. Could not have had the success that I did without this tutorial. I could have struggled for ages with the last "battery/circuit board removal" part. Everything went just fine with this Guide. Thank you and thank you again.

  10. by Torrentman (not verified)


    I also managed to salvage my 605 using this guide. Thank you very much for putting it up to guide us through the process.

    Also, I was wondering if there a way to remove and clean the buttons? On my 605, the OK, X and >> have gradually stopped working over time.

  11. by Now a Happy Arc... (not verified)

    Thanks very much for the great Archos 605 battery replacement instructions. With your guide I was done start to finish in less than one hour. I've had my Archos for years and hope to keep it going again for some time.

  12. by David (not verified)

    I noticed you only reference the 30/80/160 GB models. Are the 4GB units capable of HDD/SDD installation and would this work for those models?

    1. by Ali

      The 4GB models come with inbuilt flash storage and have no place where you could connect a HDD/SDD. They have a card reader slot that you can use for expansion.

      Battery replacement on the 4GB models is possible and is simpler than other models as the battery is accessible simply by taking the back cover off, so full dismantling is not needed.

  13. by Anonymous (not verified)

    I know I'm a little late to the party, but I love my 80G Archos 605 and I just changed the battery and made it work again. Thanks for the great instructions.

  14. by Dave in Vancouver (not verified)

    Thanks. Got life back in my Archos. Great instructions.