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Based on a book of the same name by Irish novelist John Boyne, this is a heartbreaking tale of two young boys set in Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

The story describes a boy named Bruno living in Berlin, Germany. DVD CoverHis father is a high ranking Nazi officer and the family move to a new house after his father receives an important assignment that will help rebuild the country.

Bruno feels lonely in the new house and his quest to make friends leads him to a barbed wire fence with strange people in "striped pyjamas" who work behind it.

The story is well narrated in the film (though shortened) and the actors have played their roles with great skill, specially the two young boys around whom the story is centred. The film engages the viewer and has some aspect of suspense in it about how it will all end. Nothing however prepares the viewer for the end actually depicted.

This is definitely not an entertainment movie. It is probably for one of those retrospective days. Better watch it alone and keep a handkerchief nearby. Better still buy the book and read it rather than rushing through it all in 1 hour 30 minutes.