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The Reader is a drama film based on a german novel of the same name. The author of the novel is Bernhard Schlink. The film is directed by Stephen Daldry and stars Kate Winslet, naked. So is that what the noise is all about?

Winslet has won a Golden Globe Award, BAFTA Award and the Academy Award for best actress in this film. Indeed her performance in the movie and performances of all other actors is deserving of praise. The direction is well done, but the story itself well that is a different tale.

The movie is based on the story of a book and a weird story it is, though somewhat possible. The story unfolds itself in 1995 Berlin, Germany. It starts of well and Winslet portraying Hanna in the story is shown to be a kind woman. But suddenly she starts having an affair with a boy less than half her age. At this point the viewer feels a bit queer, because there is no motivation for her to do what she does. What provokes her remains a mystery right till the end.

A number of Hannas decisions in the story seem perplexing. She appears to be a kind and understanding woman and yet seems to make apparent mistakes.

The story tries to be erotic but fails, tries to portray love but does so half-heartedly. Towards the end it tries to portray remorse and fails there too. The viewer is sure they are on an emotional journey, but with an unsure destination. The one thing the story does convey very well is the complexity and turmoil of human emotions ("the man of twists and turns") and the actors in the film have indeed done a fantastic job here.

Watch it if you must, but don't go too far and don't think about it afterwards.