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The EX110 cordless desktop from Logitech is a sleek and comfortable wireless mouse and keyboard bundle. It boasts excellent connectivity and top class quality found across Logitech products, yet keeps the price very low. So if you are looking to get rid of the entanglement of wires at home or in office and save a few bucks, this bundle is not to be missed.

Out of the box, the Logitech EX110 successor to the EX100 comes with a full sized cordless keyboard and cordless mouse. There is one wireless receiver, batteries for the keyboard and mouse, a Logitech software CD and paperwork.

EX110 (c) Logitech Inc

The Keyboard

The keyboard is sleek, black and has spill-resistant design that can resist upto 60ml liquid spillage. It is equipped with multimedia keys volume control, play, pause, next and back. It also has quick start keys for calculator, email, web browser, back and close. All the multimedia keys can be reprogrammed using the supplied software. The F keys can also be programmed to start popular applications like MS Word and MS Excel. The keyboard follows the UK layout. It requires two AAA batteries and has excellent battery life. Rechargeable batteries can be used if desired. The one excellent security feature is that the keyboard and the receiver support encryption which prevents anyone from overhearing your typed passwords and credit-card numbers as they travel over-the-air from keyboard to the receiver.

The Mouse

The mouse is an 800dpi optical mouse. Pointer motion is smooth and adding the weight of the batteries the device offers excellent pointer control and precision. It is comfortable to hold. There are two buttons for clicking, plus a scroll wheel which also acts as a third button. The scroll wheel is notched for better control. The mouse takes two AA batteries. However it lacks an On/Off switch and remains always ON, so it consumes batteries much faster. A pair should last upto a month. Again rechargeable batteries can be used and are highly recommended.

The Wireless Receiver

The wireless receiver comes with a scan button and three green indicator LEDs that indicate the status of keyboard toggles like Caps Lock. The receiver is designed to be tucked under the table and out of view. Since radio technology is used, line-of-sight is not required and you can operate from behind a wall as long as you are in-range. The receiver and devices locate each other automatically subsequent to a one time setup. The auto-detection continues to work without intervention even after battery replacement. Also if the receiver is plugged in, the devices connect immediately at computer start-up, even before the OS has loaded, so you can start using the keyboard even before the computer has fully booted up. The range of the receiver is 6 meters but the cable supplied with the receiver is pretty long allowing you to extend the range by placing the receiver closer to your devices and away from the computer. The receiver cable is multi-port and requires one USB port or alternatively two PS2 ports for connection to a computer.

The Software

The kit comes with Logitech’s own SetPoint software and drivers. You can also download the latest version free form Logitech’s website. The software is optional and both Windows and Linux detect the devices without requiring additional software installation. However, on Windows the software provides additional enhancements that are worth the extra effort. The software provides battery level detection and warns you when batteries are running low on either device. It allows customization of keyboard multimedia keys, one-time setup of encryption password between keyboard and the receiver and on screen display (OSD) of caps-lock and volume. Besides there are additional options for controlling the mouse motion and buttons during games and for using the middle button and scroll wheel.

In Conclusion

Overall an excellent buy with features which are at par with the more pricey models. Currently available from Laskys or PC World. Also available from Amazon.