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The UK is no longer a good place for Indian, or for that matter any other non-European student to come for studies.

This was not the case back in 2006, when I first came here and later in 2008, when I first wrote this detailed guide. I have therefore decided to remove all sections of this guide from the web and explain my reasons here.

Around 2010, the Conservative-LibDem coalition government came to power, amidst economic recession hitting the UK and the rest of Europe. There was anger in the general populace. This anger was initially directed at bankers and the free hand the government had given them. However, banking is a major industry in the UK and London and the bankers are too powerful to take on and reform. So various lame policies later the situation still did not improve. The economy kept lagging and jobs were lost, companies and individuals went bankrupt.

The UK Home Office will continually threaten anyone who employs or houses you with extortionate fines eroding their confidence in you even when you are legally here and in compliance with the rules.

In this grim hour, immigrants have become the new target for public anger. Workers from foreign countries, who had been invited here to fill skill gaps, are suddenly a thorn in the side. The fact that many of them were invited here in the first place, that they have spent a lot of time working hard and paying taxes in the UK does not matter. They are foreigners and are treated as being simply here to make money, steal jobs, and misuse public services. Consequently there is now a very high anti-immigration sentiment in the UK. What is more, the government and the media have used this opportunity to conveniently place blame. Instead of clarifying the vital role many immigrants have played in building this country, they have decided instead to persecute all migrants.

Students are still vital for the UK economy. The UK wants foreign students to come to the UK and bring money into the country. Even if you are invited and offered a place by Universities here, you are viewed as a cash cow and your money helps subsidise education for local students, while you and your UK based sponsor is subject to increasingly unfair and complex visa rules.

Once you finish your education reality will hit you and you will face deportation. Immigration rules have been made so complex that students coming to the UK have no choice but to return home post studies. Any hope of finding a suitable job to recover your expenses or bringing your close family to the UK will be squished. You will find that no matter how brilliant you are, your talent will not be appreciated and you will be treated by the Home Office as a foreign national trying force your way into the UK. Even if you are extremely lucky to get a job and a work visa, the visa rules are changed every month to add additional hurdles until you, or your sponsor, eventually trip. The UK Home Office will continually threaten anyone who employs or houses you with extortionate fines eroding their confidence in you even when you are legally here and in compliance with the rules. You will end up feeling lost, depressed, and disheartened.

UK immigration rules are also being changed retrospectively. Which means things you did in the past, that were allowed under your visa, can be suddenly deemed incorrect by the UK Home Office on a whim. Unless you have a time machine to go back and change the past, if you fall foul of the new rule, you face deportation or a lengthy and expensive court battle with the state -- because such changes are technically illegal, but its your burden to fight your case against the government.

Integration into any new culture takes time, is not easy, and demands tolerance from the host culture. While you are here you will be expected to speak perfect English and be asked to prove your Britishness, all designed to make your life harder.

I strongly advise you to NOT consider UK as an option for further education or work, no matter how pleasing the invitation. Don't get me wrong, I have met some very kind and wonderful persons in the UK, but UK immigration is extremely nasty business, no matter how sugar coated it sounds, no matter how bright the prospect appears. This used to be a great, tolerant, and friendly country, but it has changed now. It has become full of narrow minded policies. To all foreigners the doors are closed. Don't waste your time and youth here.

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