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A Good Antivirus for Home Users

The operating system(OS) and the anti-virus program are two of the most important software you buy that affect your computing experience. They are the two programs that start as soon as your computer starts up and usually keep working silently in the background. They are usually forgotten all about - until disaster strikes. Choosing the right anti-virus for your PC is essential to keeping you protected from viruses while allowing you to get the most out of your computing experience. So don't just buy whatever the computer store salesman stuffs at you.

Sniping eBay Auctions

eBay Auctions are not like real auctions. This is because they end at a certain time so even if someone is ready to pay a higher price for an item, the person is unable to bid as the auction has already ended. This has led to development of an interesting tool that lets you win eBay items at their lowest price - Sniping.

Myst Series

There are very few things in life that somehow make you very aware of your own being. That at times pull you out of the real world into an alternate reality, where you are free to discover yourself. Fairytales like Alice in wonderland and the computer game series of Myst are some of these things.