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Electronic Ink and The Future of Paper

Some of you, like me, may have walked into a bookshop recently or an electronics superstore perhaps and noticed a new section featuring the plethora of e-book readers that have come into the market. If you pick up one of these and play around with it, the first thing that will probably strike you as different is how 'paper like' the text display appears. Well you are looking at Electronic Ink or e-ink.

Securing Your Laptop and Personal Data Against Theft

Laptop prices are on the rise and they will continue to do so, making laptops an expensive investment. In this article I am going to discuss some of the techniques you can use to prevent loss of your beloved machine and its data. I am going to focus on physical theft of data because many people don't do enough to avoid this. I'm also going to explain how to build security in layers, making it tighter as you go deeper.

The Return of Single Core Processors: A Power vs Portability Compromise

In the last few months I've had a hard time finding a reasonably priced dual core processor laptop in the consumer PC market. Most of the models I loved have been discontinued and moved off the shelves. You would think that they have been replaced by more powerful models, but no. Computer manufacturers are taking a step back in time and actually building slightly less powerful laptops but instead offering more portability and style. I take a trip down memory lane and look at the philosophy behind the next generation of laptops.

Wireless Devices Maybe Cool But Are They Secure?

It seems that wireless devices are taking over our lives. Starting with wireless internet most other computing devices are now also wireless. We have wireless keyboards, wireless mice, wireless telephones, wireless headphones and wireless CCTV. Companies that sell these devices are fairly quick to point out how convenient it is to use the wireless device and how long the wireless range is, but very few of them actually publish information about if the wireless communication on the device is secure.

Securing Your Home with Burglar Alarms and CCTV

Security is a increasing source of concern for home owners today. Bad economic times have led to an increased risk of home breakins and theft. Most security installations are done by professional organizations which will charge you a hefty sum and provide you will iron clad security. However what many home owners need is a simple deterrent system, that will stop the street thief from getting in and wiping the house clean. There are an increasing number of security products in the market which you can install yourself, but it is important to understand the advantages of using each because incorrect use could create a false sense of security while actually leaving your home more exposed than protected.

Megapixels: How Many Do You Really Need?

In the small world of digital pocket cameras, increasingly the trend is to buy one with higher number of megapixels. Camera manufacturers seem to be trying to convince us that more megapixels mean better pictures. However, in reality they are not building better cameras that support higher mexapixels, they are often simply extracting more megapixels from their existing cameras.

Myst Series

There are very few things in life that somehow make you very aware of your own being. That at times pull you out of the real world into an alternate reality, where you are free to discover yourself. Fairytales like Alice in wonderland and the computer game series of Myst are some of these things.