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Reviews talk about a service or product or a group of products. They provide useful assessment of the perceived quality and features of a product or service.

Nook HD - The Gold Diggers Tablet

If you haven't received or picked up a tablet computer this year during christmas I'd be very very surprised. There are so many of them around and many can be had for under £100, which is a seriously good deal. The Nook HD has a very compelling spec, great fan base and can be had for under £80, or even less if you are willing to look for deals.

Fujifilm F550EXR - High Speed Film Included

It have been playing with Fujifilms 16 megapixel, 15x optical zoom camera the F550EXR and I am thoroughly impressed with the performance of this pocket sized baby. For a camera this size it packs a lot of punch and captures amazing images up to ISO 1600. It is one of the fastest compact clickers around.

Avatar: The Last Airbender 2005 (Animated Series)

While the 2010 movie The Last Airbender had very little success with the critics and audiences, tracing its roots leads to the original animated series titled Avatar: The Last Airbender which is nothing less than a masterpiece in animation and creative storytelling. Set in an alternate universe the world is divided into four nations each having the ability to control one of the four elements Fire, Air, Water and Earth. The Fire nation believes its element is superior and sets out to conquer the rest. The only person that could stand in its way is the Avatar, an individual who can command all four elements. But the Avatar has disappeared and has not been seen for a 100 years.

The Nokia N8 Is Here, Beware!

Nokia has taken a leap - making a phone that can compete with the likes of HTC Desire and the iPhone. Nokia has made touch screen handsets in the past but when the 'cool' names were mentioned, sadly a Nokia device was not on the list. Nokias answer is the N8, and the device seems to tell us a lot about Nokia itself!

The Best Super Zoom Compact Digital Cameras Under £200

A while back I wrote about semi-professional digital cameras under £200, which were all super zoom but my focus then was more toward manual controls. So I decided to take a fresh look at what long zoom lenses can offer in some of the newer compact camera models.

God Of War

God Of War has become synonymous with the Sony PlayStation and specially the PSP. If you own a PlayStation or PSP and don't own God of War, no one will believe you own a PlayStation. So you'd better get your hands on this one. Alternatively, if you don't own a PlayStation, buy one so you can play God Of War. This is seriously too good to miss.

Cyberphone W (V654SK) Review

The Cyberphone developed by VoIP Voice is currently the best Skype compatible internet phone in terms of style, features and price.

Alcatel OT-708 Review

Atcatels OT-708 is currently the cheapest touch screen phone on the market. It is pretty well rated and for the price tag of around £30 the features are impressive so I decided to take an in-depth look.

VX1i Mini Mobile Phone Review

Smaller than a credit card the VX1i is light on the purse too with fully unlocked pay-as-you-go phones retailing from as low as £20. The pictures looked promising so I decided to take an in-depth look at this miniature mobile phone.

Alice in Wonderland (2010) Review

Alice is returning to Wonderland in Tim Burtons 2010 movie. Nuts, I wonder if you'd join her in her trip down the rabbit hole?