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Myst Series

There are very few things in life that somehow make you very aware of your own being. That at times pull you out of the real world into an alternate reality, where you are free to discover yourself. Fairytales like Alice in wonderland and the computer game series of Myst are some of these things.

Archos 605 WiFi

The 605 WiFi from Archos offers some really cool features that gadget freaks will simply love. I've just got my hands on one and while its exciting, there is some small print that you simply must know about.

The Kite Runner (2007) Review

Based on Khaled Hosseinis 2003 novel of the same name this is a touching story about two friends who are the best team at kite fighting in Kabul, Afghanistan. However tensions develop between them and cause them to eventually split, until much later when one of them decides to return to Kabul to find his friends son.

Magnolia (1999) Review

Magnolia written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson seems to have gained a lot of attention and won Tom Cruise the award for Best Supporting Actor at Academy Awards and Golden Globes. However is it really worth the hype?