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A number of software utilities bear the HueStones logo. This list summarises them and provides further links to information about them.

UK Search Providers

Browsers that come with integrated search features can be updated to include online retailers. Once done, products from these retailers can be searched without having to first visit the retailers website. HueStones provides search plugins for many retailers that will work with most popular browsers. These can be downloaded at

TrueCrypt Automount Script for Windows

TrueCrypt is an open-source drive encryption software. This script allows a TrueCrypt encrypted volume to be mounted automatically and transparently as soon as a USB stick containing the key-file for the encrypted volume is inserted. See full details at

Penny Post

Penny Post LogoPenny Post is a system to combat spam or junk by making the sender pay for email. However this payment is not in the form of money but in the form of computer time. The idea being that the sender of genuine emails would not mind spending a few seconds of his computer time to send email to an intended recipient. Spammers on the other hand cannot afford to spend such time as they need to send out millions of copies of spam emails to different recipients and this would slow them down tremendously. Find out how you can protect yourself and others from unwanted spam by stamping your email at

App Explorer

AppExplorer is an cross-platform autorun application geared towards helping CD/DVD media authors in creating flexible category-driven data disks. It was my first full fledge Java application. It removes the need to construct a web-browser based static and clunky web interface for software or other files on the disk. AppExplorer constructs the index of files on the disk on the fly and removes problems of broken links and missing files thus improving the user experience considerably. Read more at

Code Breaker

codebreaker screenshotCodebreaker is the first game I ever wrote. Originally written in Microsoft's GW-BASIC, I later re-wrote it in C++ for DOS and then again in Adobe Flash. This is probably because it is a fairly simple game yet forms a very good programming exercise.

Codebreaker is a strategy game where the computer creates a secret numeric code. You being The Code Breaker are tasked with guessing this number. You have a certain number of guesses to identify the number. After you enter you guess,the computer responds with symbols giving you an idea about how good your guess is. You must use information provided by the symbols of past guesses to place a more accurate guess each time. If you can break the code before you run out of turns, you win. Download codebreaker from:


OthelloThis game also popularly know as Reversi was the first game I wrote that used some form of artificial intelligence to get the computer to play the game. I was inspired by the 1978 Atari game of the same name. The game is played on a 8x8 grid with black and white disc shaped pieces. The objective of the game is to outmanoeuvre your opponent, thus ending the game with more of your colour discs (Black or White) showing on the board. It can still be downloaded here.