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Nook HD - The Gold Diggers Tablet

If you haven't received or picked up a tablet computer this year during christmas I'd be very very surprised. There are so many of them around and many can be had for under £100, which is a seriously good deal. The Nook HD has a very compelling spec, great fan base and can be had for under £80, or even less if you are willing to look for deals.

Understanding Auto ISO on the Fuji X100

The Auto ISO setting on the Fuji X100 had me confused the first time I used it. Initially my reaction was, this can't be right. Since, I have read many forum posts asking for a better explanation on how it works and why it does what it does, but I failed to locate a clear explanation. After much thought, I finally figured out the logic behind Auto ISO used by the X100. I assume the X100S works similarly.

The Supercomputer Era

Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, these are some individuals who have suddenly splashed across the pages of newspapers and TV screens. These seemingly ordinary people have upset powerful governments and are now being branded as traitors. But I believe they foretell the dawn of a new era, an era of supercomputing. These individuals are the some of the first to reach the crossroads and point out to us how dangerous this era could be.

Sound Transit, The Flickr for Sound

Sound Transit is a collaborative site where individuals upload high quality audio recordings of every day sounds, called field recordings, together with a short description of the main activity contributing to the recorded sound and their location, city and country. In some sense, this idea is similar to Flickr, from Yahoo, but uses audio files instead of images. Such audio recordings are called phonographs, and the process of recording them is called phonography. Its a site that will open your ears!

Getting to Grips with Installing, Updating and Programming LEGO Mindstorms NXT Kits

There is so much noise around LEGO Mindstorms on the web with enthusiasts and universities all attempting to do the NeXT big thing that it is hard for kids wanting to do more with their Mindstorms kit to figure out what is happening.There are three different Mindstorms kits and on top of this there is a plethora of tools for programming, different versions of NXT firmware and NXT software. This article aims to provide concise information and resources to budding Mindstormers.

Indian Students Guide to UK Higher Education

The UK is no longer a good place for Indian, or for that matter any other non-European student to come for studies. This was not the case back in 2006, when I first came here and later in 2008, when I first wrote this detailed guide. I have therefore decided to remove all sections of this guide from the web and explain my reasons here.

Fraud and PayPal Seller Protection Pitfalls

A lot of traders, may of them casual eBay users, who use PayPal to accept payments do not realise that the so called PayPal Seller Protection is actually very restrictive and accepting payments through PayPal is entirely different to making payments through PayPal. Using PayPal to receive payments is as good as accepting payments through credit cards. You are responsible for detecting fraudulent buyers and taking measures to protect yourself. I discuss common fraud scenarios and things to be wary of when using PayPal as a seller.

Fujifilm F550EXR - High Speed Film Included

It have been playing with Fujifilms 16 megapixel, 15x optical zoom camera the F550EXR and I am thoroughly impressed with the performance of this pocket sized baby. For a camera this size it packs a lot of punch and captures amazing images up to ISO 1600. It is one of the fastest compact clickers around.

Designing complex webapps in the real world

A "webapp" short for web application is a computer application that works over the internet in the Internet browser. It does not require installation of any software except for the Internet browser itself. Web applications are a relatively new concept. There are some popular webapps around, the most well known are perhaps Facebook and Flickr and lesser known Trello. The success of these webapps has prompted some companies to attempt to convert their traditional client only or client-server applications into webapps. But writing webapps can be far more challenging than writing traditional client only or client-server applications. So before you start take a look at these gotchas and ensure you are well prepared for them.

Whats new in Symbian 3 022.014 "Anna"

Anna is the codename for the major update to Symbian 3 devices (Symbian 3 v0.22.014) released by Nokia on August 18 2011. It is available to download to your Symbian 3 device (N8, C7, C6-01 and E7) via Nokia OVI Suite software version 3.1.1 or higher.