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Fraud and PayPal Seller Protection Pitfalls

A lot of traders, may of them casual eBay users, who use PayPal to accept payments do not realise that the so called PayPal Seller Protection is actually very restrictive and accepting payments through PayPal is entirely different to making payments through PayPal. Using PayPal to receive payments is as good as accepting payments through credit cards. You are responsible for detecting fraudulent buyers and taking measures to protect yourself. I discuss common fraud scenarios and things to be wary of when using PayPal as a seller.

Sniping eBay Auctions

eBay Auctions are not like real auctions. This is because they end at a certain time so even if someone is ready to pay a higher price for an item, the person is unable to bid as the auction has already ended. This has led to development of an interesting tool that lets you win eBay items at their lowest price - Sniping.

Why using online selling to make a living is harder than you think

Most online selling websites like eBay and Amazon would have us believe that online selling is easy. This may be true if you want to dispose a one-off item. But if you are planning to sell online to make a living you should consider your options carefully.