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It has no material form, it cannot be touched, it is weightless. Yet it exists and gives purpose to the machine. Dare I compare it to the soul.

Best Apps for Note Taking and Sketching for Galaxy Note S-Pen Users

I recently acquired a Galaxy Note 5. This is a brilliant phone if you can manage with its size and once you get to know all its features. The Note series of phones and tablets come with a pressure sensitive stylus, S-Pen. I gave the Google App Store a thorough search for some of the best apps that work with the S-Pen and utilise its features. I take a look at some of the keepers.

Getting to Grips with Installing, Updating and Programming LEGO Mindstorms NXT Kits

There is so much noise around LEGO Mindstorms on the web with enthusiasts and universities all attempting to do the NeXT big thing that it is hard for kids wanting to do more with their Mindstorms kit to figure out what is happening.There are three different Mindstorms kits and on top of this there is a plethora of tools for programming, different versions of NXT firmware and NXT software. This article aims to provide concise information and resources to budding Mindstormers.

HueStones Root Certification Authority (CA)

HueStones is a root certification authority (CA) for some SSL and S/MIME certificates issued for software, web-services and email. Root CA certificates help your browser or email client verify that signed software, internet content and email has not been tampered with and is genuine. However before your browser or email client can automatically verify content signed by HueStones for you, it must be made aware of the HueStones CA root certificate. This page explains how to download and install the HueStones CA root certificate on your browser or email client.