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Seiki U-Vision Technicolor Certified Upscaling HDMI Cable Under £29

Seikis upscaling HDMI cable has a built-in Marseille Networks VTV-1222 video processing and upscaling chip that can scale 720 (PS3) to 1080p and upsale 1080p (30hz) to 4k Ultra-HD. The cable has a USB input on one end that plugs in to your TV to power the chip. It achieves dramatic image quality enhancement of all TV & DVD content that passes through it. Approved by the rigorous Technicolor 4K Image Certification program which validates detail enhancement, edge restoration, noise reduction and up-conversion to create optimal digital entertainment experience in the home with HD content. Buy Now.

AKG K450 Foldable Mini Headphones Under £45

AKG 450 are over-the-ear, closed-back headphones with a single-sided, detachable cable design and minimum noise leakage. They can be neatly folded away and are exceedingly compact for on-the-go music experience. Most importantly, they sound great, with a 11Hz to 29.5Khz frequency range, and you experience the full potential of your music collection. With a neat carry case and gold plated plugs, these are premium quality headphones at a very affordable price. Buy Now.Full Specification

Muzx xx Noise Isolating Headphones Under £10

This is a fine pair of earphonesfrom Altec Lansing with excellent sound isolation properties for those who listen to music while on the move. The earphones serve as ear plugs effectively blocking out outside noise (passive noise reduction) and allow you to listen to music at lower volumes that you otherwise would in a noisy environment. Whats more they leak very little sound so the person sitting next to you is not disturbed by what you are listening to. Sound quality is really good and well balanced and the construction is sturdy with a strong chord. They come with a 2 year warranty. Overall a excellent purchase if you listen to music while on the move. Buy Now.

Audio Technica ES55 Portable Headphones Under £85

Winner of the What Hi-Fi awards in 2010 these on-ear beauties crafted from aluminium are sure to impress. Their sound can be described as clear, transparent and detailed and is surprisingly open for closed-back headphones. Easily driven from a mobile phone or Mp3 player they have the perfect length of tangle free chord and the drivers neatly fold away to tuck into a bag. They are also very good at blocking out outside noise and are perfect for enjoying during your daily commute in complete privacy without leaking sound. And they look gorgeous in both white and black. Put them on and you won't be able to take them off until you have listened to your entire collection at least once. Buy Now.

RHA MA-350 Aluminum Earphones Under £30

The MA-350 from Reid and Heath Acoustics are one of their kind. With a brushed aluminium body, tangle free cord and gold plated connections these are premium quality earphones with amazing sound. They feature 10mm mylar drivers with 16Hz - 22kHz frequency response and a 1.2m cable with a 3.5mm jack. Their bass response is subtle and articulated, not too overpowering, while mids and highs raise no complaints. For the price these are a steal. Buy Now.

Koss Portapro Portable Hi-Fi Headphones Under £22

These headphones feature a remarkably wide 15Hz - 25kHz frequency response, less than 0.2% distortion and 60ohm impedance combined with an open backed design to provide very well balanced and sweet sound with punchy tight base. The sound stage is large and roomy. They are foldable making them very portable and include a 3.5mm jack and 3.5/6.4mm jack adapter on a 1.2meter cord so you can use them with your favourite MP3 player or Hi-Fi system. Included in the price is Koss' No Questions Asked lifetime warranty. Buy Now.