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FUZE Workstation for Raspberry Pi Under £75

The FUZE for Raspberry Pi provides an ideal workstation to house your Pi and retains all connectivity via the easily accessible back panel. The case is made of solid metal and provides a robust and secure housing for the Raspberry Pi board. For added safety the FUZE protects the encased Pi from electrical damage via the, extended, but protected GPIO. All you need to do is install your Raspberry Pi board into the FUZE case and use the included SD card and you are up and running and ready to start programming. UK keyboard included. Buy Now.

ASURO Programmable Robot Kit Under £40

This is a pretty cool self assembly (involves electronic soldering) robot kit. It is equipped with an Atmel processor and two independently controlled motors with tachometer sensors, an optical sensor, six collision-detector switches, three indicator LEDs and an IR-interface for programming and remote controlling by a PC. It is supplied with software compiler, editor and upload tools and is completely programmable in C using freeware tools. Compatible with Windows and Linux. Additional expansion boards are also available for extending your robot. Buy Now.

USB Robotic Arm for PC Under £50

If you are taking your first steps into robotics and don't want to spend a sum buying the Lego Mindstorms Kits, and are too old for the Tin Can Robot this is a good project to get your hands dirty. The arm requires assembly and then can be programmed via PC software (no Mac support, sorry). It can also be controlled through a Raspberry Pi. Note that this arm does not use precise motors and is programmed by timing alone, which means it cannot be used for precise pre-programmed tasks. Buy Now.Download drivers | Control with Raspberry Pi