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Hello and welcome to HueStones. My name is Ali and I am the author of this website. HueStones is my blog, a way to share my passion for computers, electronics, and technology and what I have learned from them.

HueStones is organized as a collection of articles, product reviews and guides. Most of the content on HueStones centres around my own interests in technology, movies, and some computer games.

I often write articles and reviews to break technological myths created by salesmen and share tips and findings with my readers, so that they can make better decisions about which products to buy. Licensing restrictions on most of my content are minimal, so others can freely benefit form this work.

By profession I am a computer programmer. Staring down lines of computer code gets me thinking about the bigger picture at times and my occasional, quirky, yet interesting insights which I share here.

Your Feedback

I value your feedback and you can add your comments to most articles on HueStones. These comments are displayed at the bottom of the article after being screened for spam. Besides, if you have any questions, comments, suggestion or feedback or if you were disappointed with a product listed at HueStones you can always let me know. Your feedback will help me make HueStones better and more engaging.