About Huestones

Hi and welcome to HueStones. My name is Ali. I’m a Chartered Software Engineer by profession and the author of this blog. HueStones is a way for me to share my personal experience about various topics such as technology, electronics, software development and leadership.

I am glad you have found your way to my website.

I am an avid reader and fast learner. I often share my quirky and interesting insights here. Sometimes I like to take a deep dive into a topic of interest or a topic I am studying. Some topics can be polarising and I hope you take my writing with a pinch of salt and take some time to appreciate my view of it.

If you find an error in something you read, please be assured it is unintentional and please do let me know so I can fix it right away.

Licensing restrictions on most of my content are minimal, so others can freely benefit form this work. But I always appreciate being given credit when my work is used and a link back to this website is the best way to do that.

So, I hope you like what you read and keep coming back for more! See you around.