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How to explain Log Levels to your kids and your team

I’ve had to explain log levels on many occasions when working with new teams and over time developed a hopefully simple explanation of how logging should work in any application. This post is of course opinionated; As long as you, your team and your organisation have the same opinion you should be fine and my

JavaScript Promises Unkept

With introduction of native Promise support and the async and await keywords promises have only gained popularity in JavaScript. But there are quirks they hide and the underlying asynchronous nature of JavaScript means you can sometimes end up with code that is harder to reason about. Here is a not so gentle introduction for those

For the love of… Javascript!!? (or nostalgic musings of a polyglot)

Javascript. I wouldn’t have thought that a language that pretty much threw out all of the rules of good language design would come to occupy a place in my heart, standing with the likes of my romances with C++. Let me take you on a journey…

SOLID, Object Oriented Design and Unit Testing

SOLID principles of object-oriented design are an important consideration for anyone looking for good software design. The problem is they can be hard to understand and implement. In my personal experience unit-testing can actually help understanding these principles better and provide a genuine use case for implementing them.